The IMPACT Internship is a 1-year program for those who are passionate about youth or children’s ministry. It is designed:

– to equip you for leadership,
– invest in your youth ministry and
– provide opportunities for further growth.

The internship is run by Baptist Youth Ministries (BYM) and Children’s and Families Ministries (CaFM) in partnership with your church.

The IMPACT Internship is a 1-year program commencing in February and concluding in November. The IMPACT Internship operates over four terms, with breaks between each term. Throughout the year we’ll be focusing on 5 areas:

  • Leading yourself
  • Leading in relationship
  • Leading your ministry
  • Leading a community
  • Leading beyond a program

We will be exploring these topics while engaging in reflective practice, spiritual practice, and fellowship with one another. PLUS, we are open to exploring any relevant topics that interest you! 

Weekly Content:

We’re bringing you weekly content from key Christian Leaders to help you study the scripture and engage in spiritual practices. To keep it fresh, the content will be a mix of video, audio and written resources; designed specifically for IMPACT Interns. You’ll be able to move through it at your own pace as we release content packages throughout the year. Each week’s content will take 1-2 hours to engage with.

Fortnightly Online Cohort Reflection:

These calls are for our interns to experience fellowship with one another, reflecting together on the content being learnt. It’s a time to encourage and challenge each other but it’s also an opportunity to share about personal faith and current ministry experiences. This will be a guided and intentional meeting which takes place on a regular week night. 

Monthly Guided Cluster Meetings:

Once per month on a Saturday, you will meet up with your local cluster of interns and engage in that week’s content together, guided by the IMPACT Internship’s director and BYM leaders. This is a time of fellowship, learning together, planning for our ministries and sharing a meal.

In-person Ministry Development:

Designed to offer new learning experiences and opportunity for connection with Christian leaders across NSW and the ACT. For these in-person events, we will provide accommodation when required. The events vary for those in youth or kids’ ministry. Throughout the year, you also will be offered to attend optional events for free. 

Community is an integral part of healthy leadership, so we’ve designed IMPACT Internships to come to you! This Internship is not just designed for metro areas but all of NSW and ACT. With a combination of online and in-person experiences. We’ve even covered your accommodation costs when we gather together.

The IMPACT Internship is here to invest in kids + youth ministry leaders, no matter who they are or where they’re serving! We are all about growing leaders in their spiritual formation as they invest in their church’s ministry making an IMPACT. A 3 way partnership is between you, your church and the IMPACT Internship. 

The overall cost of the IMPACT Internship is $900, which can be paid all together at the internship’s commencement or over three instalments over the year. This price includes all in-person and online events, accommodation when required, resources, Youth Mental Health First Aid Training and more. 

BYM and CaFM do not want money to be a barrier for someone wanting to experience the IMPACT Internship. So, if cost is an issue; please let us know. We can work with you and make arrangements which make it possible for you to be involved in the Internship. 

The IMPACT Internship can be completed with IMPACT training for academic recognition for more info click here.

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